Business flow

Request Procedure: From inquiry to completion

1. Inquiries
  • We will consult about the outline of the work and establish a confidentiality agreement if necessary. Please make inquiries on our HP. Our staff in charge will contact you.
2. Detailed meeting
  • After entering into a confidentiality agreement, we will consult with you for details on the outsourcing, including technical aspects.
3. Estimate,
plan & preparation
  • We will present plans and estimates based on the consultation. After the plan and the quotation are approved, we will discuss the contents of the contract.
4. Contract
  • Agreement on the contents and conclusion of the contract.
5. Implementation
  • Conduct research or manufacture according to the plan.
  • As requested by customers, conduct interim reports and liaison meetings as appropriate, check progress and confirm schedule.
6. Completion, report,
  • We will invoice after delivery of the final report and acceptance of the product.

Inquiries About Service

SPERA provides CMC solutions from early-stage through new drug application.

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