About Spera Pharma

Message from the President


Toshio Yoshioka, President

Spera Pharma was established as a new company on July 1, 2017, through a strategic partnership between Bushu Pharmaceuticals and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company in the area of CMC business operations.

SPERA, in Latin, means both hope and trust. The name embodies our desire to give hope to patients, and to fulfill the trust placed in us by society and our customers.

Spera Pharma has about 200 members, including researchers and technical specialists of process chemistry, formulation and analysis, who have much experience in the R&D and commercial production stages of new drugs as well as LCM projects, from working in the CMC works for many years at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., and they are engaged in contract R&D of pharmaceuticals as a partner company, supporting pharmaceutical companies including Takeda, ventures and academia.

Specifically, we work as a CDMO that can provide a one-stop service to respond to all customer’s needs, not only on the technical side but also on the R&D strategy side, from the early stage of drug development to new drug application and launch, for all CMC operations (including drug substance process development, formulation design, analytical method development, drug product/substance manufacturing, technology transfer and drug applications) .

From the start of our business in July 2017, we have received inquiries from many customers and feel the great possibility of CMC contract R&D as a new business field. By talking with customers, we have understood both the expectations for Spera Pharma and the capability that are missing at present. In order to keep up with customer expectations, we want to grow into a company that will contribute widely to the growth of the pharmaceutical industry, by improving speed and flexibility, and evolving strategically.

As the development of new drugs becomes increasingly difficult, Spera Pharma will hone our technologies even further, bringing about new developments in drug R&D and contributing to building an even healthier society through the creation of outstanding new drugs. We ask for your continued support and assistance.

Toshio Yoshioka, President

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