World-top-level asymmetric catalyst technology

Generally, many pharmaceuticals are chiral compounds. SPERA PHARMA comprehensively uses chiral technologies: the asymmetric catalyst technology, the chiral chromatography separation, the diastereomeric salt resolution and the enzymatic resolution technologies, etc. Various solutions to correspond to customer’s needs on chiral compounds will be provided.

Particularly, our asymmetric hydrogenation reaction using metal catalysts is the world-top-level: we have experiences to appropriate them to various API manufacturing, screening a suitable asymmetric ligand for the method from our ligand library with more than 300 ones including of original ligand. We correspond to the wide needs on a new asymmetric reaction development as well as GMP manufacturing using the reaction.

Moreover, chiral-separation screening using our enzyme library with approximately more than 200 kinds of enzymes is conducted, and the diastereomeric salt crystal screening using our chiral acid/base library with more than 300 acids and bases is also available.

World-top-level asymmetric catalyst technology

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SPERA provides CMC solutions from early-stage through new drug application.

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